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Before I begin, I must mention the revolvers and rifles featured on these pages would not be possible without the guidance and support of many who came before me and many who continue to work in this trade. I am thankful to be able to call many of them friends.

I grew up in the flat lands of West Texas and was exposed to hunting and firearms in my early years. I spent most of my youth stomping around the hills and river bottoms of South Central Texas. Each weekend, during hunting season, we would venture to a more hospitable part of the state to pursue game. This early exposure filled me with a life long interest in sporting arms and their use. In my mid twenties, I ventured to Montana and spent the next several years working on a cattle ranch and roaming the mountains and prairies as time would allow. The experience gave me an insight into the firearm needs of the serious outdoors man.

I worked on my own guns as a hobby, spent a lot of time reloading and shooting, and even more time reading the writings of Skeeter Skelton, John Wooters, Elmer Keith, and others. I would occasionally require the services of a gunsmith and found out in short order, there weren’t a lot of them around and the shops that turned out good work were beyond my modest means. So became the beginnings of Gallagher Firearms.

I spent the next three years attending Trinidad State Jr. College in Colorado going through the gunsmithing program started by P.O. Ackley. It was at this time that I made two discoveries: the writings of John Taffin in American Handgunner and the custom revolver work performed by pioneers like John Linebaugh, Hamilton Bowen, and Jim Stroh. Although the school did not offer specific courses in the area of custom single action work, I decided to pursue this particular field. The items and services shown are the result of 18 years of experience in the shop and 35 years in the field.

I have been fortunate enough to have hunted much of this continent including a dozen forays to Alaska. The products offered are the culmination of the ideas of sportsmen from all over the country who have entrusted us to create a custom firearm that will meet their specific needs. We look forward to serving your firearm needs as well.

– John Gallagher

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